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PAPER Magazine

Franco Noriega’s Food Porn

GOTHAM Magazine

6 Bottles of Champagne Perfect for Any New Year’s Party

SAVEUR Magazine

Houston’s Water Spinach Village is Fighting for its Life
The World’s Best School Lunch Costs $1
Who was Jue-Let, the Unknown Chinese Chef Who Raised James Beard?
This Brandy is One of the Best Spirits Coming Out of Bourbon Country

Vivian Howard on the Role of American Food in a Divided Nation
Kolaches are the Breakfast Staple Worth a Trip to Texas
16 Essential Vietnamese Ingredients to Stock in Your Pantry
How the City of Sugar Land, Texas Got its Name
10 Essential Vietnamese Noodle Soups to Know (Beyond Pho)
Marcus Samuelsson Dishes on How to Eat Harlem

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Time Out New York

The Best Iced Coffee in New York
Four New Yorkers Try to Give Up Their Vices for a Week (I failed, by the way)
The Virtues of Vodka
It’s (Feast)ival Season

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Office Magazine

Exclusive Premiere: Asukal’s ‘Purity’ EP


Can Bartending Make Room For Being a Mother?
How Bar Goto Got it Right
The 10 Best Booze Shoutouts in Rap Music

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Furthermore by Equinox

48 Hours in Hanoi
Try This: Dry Masks


10 Ways to Make Your Design Portfolio More Appealing to Employers